Sisters in Synergy is a group of women and girls who have the audacity to dream of a more perfect world where we are empowered change agents.  We are our sisters’ keeper who bring sisters together to create a powerful community of dreamers and doers.

Our colors are Passionate Purple and Goddess Gold.
Purple is representative of our feminine power.
Gold is representative of our royalty.

Through the combination of these colors, we tap into our feminine power to change the world.

This group is for you if you wish to:
– promote human rights through civic engagement,
– promote generational wealth through economic empowerment,
– promote holistic health of the mind, body and soul,
– promote cultural awareness of the African diaspora,
– promote lifetime learning, and
– promote community building through Ubuntu principles.


Are you ready to:
– join a supportive network of sister friends,
– network with forward-thinking, positive sisters,
– learn new skills through live trainings and events, and
– leap into your greatness?

If this is you, join us as we create empowered women and girls who serve as change agents in their personal lives and the business community at large.