Crowned: 60 Day Self-Care Journal


Crowned: 60 Day Self-Care Journal

Crowned is an interactive journal designed to help readers establish self-care and self-motivation. It helps readers organize the chaos of daily life with an attitude of gratitude. By taking the time to re-center ourselves through meditation and self-reflection, we can leap into our greatness and accomplish daily peace.

Featuring inspirational quotes and affirmations that have attracted a large following for her public speaking, Ebony Laquise’s uplifting journal presents thought-provoking writing prompts along with inspirational quotes to encourage reflection through daily journaling. Featuring inspiring quotes with open-ended questions and writing prompts, with plenty of room for writing and reflecting, this appealing journal will make a perfect gift and keepsake as well as being a powerful tool for positive change.

“The commitment it takes to sit down and write is intimidating and the courage it takes confront your own limiting beliefs is sometimes fleeting. It is my duty to share this journal in hopes of uplifting another sister and giving them the wisdom that they need to be a more perfect version of themselves. I want this journal to serve as a source of inspiration and a tool that helps women and girls do the work to shift their mindset. “ – Ebony Laquise

This journal is important because women and girls are conditioned to shrink themselves but we must take up more space and advocate for our own success. We must actively and consciously shift to the Queen Supreme Mindset. The first step is self-love and self-motivation.  Crowned is more than just a journal. Crowned is a guide to a 60-day self-love journey. Crowned is an interactive journal designed to help you establish self-care and self-motivation. It helps you organize the chaos of daily life with an attitude of gratitude.

By taking the time to re-center yourself through meditation and self-reflection, you can leap into your greatness and accomplish daily peace.

“The next 60 days will transform you. I strongly encourage you to commit to journaling each and every day. This will give you time to really think about your daily prayers, accomplishments, moods, and goals. It will also encourage you to reflect on past journal entries. The reason most journals do not transform us is because we do not pause and take stock of what we wrote. We do not re-center and re-calibrate. My hope is that you will mindfully reflect. Don’t just write in this journal. Interact with it. Draw in the margins. Attach inspirational notes and pictures. Make it your journal.” – Ebony Laquise

Ready? Set. Journal!

“I created this journal with you in mind. I pray that you will experience an unspeakable sense of joy, self-love, peace, and acceptance. I’m excited for you because I know all of the great things you are going to discover on your journey to become a more perfect version of yourself. It is through journaling that I discovered my purpose and reclaimed my peace. You can do the same.I encourage you to stick to this journey for the next 60 days. Commit to not missing a single day. Create a morning and evening appointment on your calendar for journaling. Create a peaceful place for meditation so you can cozy up with your journal and have a moment of zen. After all, you deserve a little me time for self-care.” – Ebony Laquise


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